Ollie At Home

Ollie can help your kids learn these 5 important things about being in and around cars. Use the At Home Activity packet to work with your kids and learn about Workzone Safety, Distracted Driving, Seat Belt Safety, Belts to Bones, and Under 4ft 9in -Booster time!

It’s important for you and everyone else in your vehicle to always BUCKLE UP! Ollie wants you to remember to always Buckle Up when you get into the vehicle. Here are some activities for you to do to help you remember!

A seat belt should fit you low and snug across the hips, and cross your body at the chest and shoulder. Ollie has come up with a really great phrase he calls “Belts to Bones” to help you remember where the belt should be placed. Here are some activities for you to do at home to help you remember Belts to Bones!

WORK ZONE SAFETY – Orange means CAUTION, and caution means to please slow down. Ollie’s friends, the Tennessee Road Builders, work alongside the roadways, so Ollie is giving you activities to do at home so you can practice slowing down to keep our Tennessee Road Builders safe!

Tennessee law states that anyone under 4’9” tall needs to be in a booster seat. A booster seat does exactly that – it will BOOST you up, so that your seat belt will fit you properly, which is Belts to Bones. Do you know how tall you are?